Imagine a trading system so powerful that the only ‘indicator’ you need on your chart is a single Box.  Imagine the only thing you have to focus on was where to position the Box.  Imagine simply placing the Box on the screen and then walking away and letting the Box do the trading for you, whilst you get on with all the other things you have to do…

Brought to you by Chris Davison and Rob Booker, “The Box” is completely new way to think about trading.  There are no indicators.   You can trade break-outs, reversals, support and resistance levels or supply and demand areas.  You can trade with the trend or against it.    You can trade long only or short only or both.  You can combine it with your existing trading methodologies or create new ones.    You simply focus on where to position the Box on your chart, The Box does the rest.

“Trading The Box” is a combination of a  trading system, an automated assistant to help you trade that system and a blog to help generate idea.  It is based around the most real thing in the markets; price action.  It was specifically developed for serious traders who either do not have the time, or the desire, to spend hours in front of a screen, waiting for the right time to enter a trade.

Find out more about Box Trading at tradingthebox.com


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